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History of our amazing offer in COVID19 time.

A 3WILL company we own a diving center in Marsa Alam, Red Sea- Egypt since 2007 and a DIVING RESORT in Bunaken Marine National Park, Indonesia since mid 2019

To serve our customers we need a well trained Team , we got 12 Staff Members in Egypt and 25 Staff members in Bunaken 
We have trusted Team , that lucky we had the chance to live with them. 
In Bunaken we are one from few resorts, who decided to keep helping the local employees and their family, and give them work considering the pandemic COVID 19 
In the moment we kept them at work not in a full time job but on a part time job , a simple way to keep them making money 
In Bunaken we are hiring building workers from the island 

Bunaken is a small island where tourism and diving sport is the main source of income for the Majority of the island, by keeping them at work , we could help them even a little bit , to survive that hard time 

In Bunaken we got a resort with houses and low budget rooms 

We took a decision of Raising their standards , in the same moment keeping the island look and atmosphere, to give a better service for our customers who will feel comfort in it and they will be welling to come back frequently 

We have 
-5 luxury air-conditioned Room Type Bungalow 
-8 Air conditioned rooms in a small building, 4 rooms in the ground floor adjusted for handicap 
-8 standard rooms type Bungalow 
-3 Rooms in pack backers standard 

Everyone can find something for himself according to his needs and budget 

Bunaken is a unique place for divers, and it is famous as well for non divers, as it is surrounded by amazing colourful reef which an easy and comfortable access for snorkelers, a lot more to see in the island by walk or even riding a scooter 

We will be able to accommodate 50 person , as we are ready that the 50 person would be divers

For your comfort, we prepared a big dry room , which you will be able to leave your equipment over night to dry in a good ventilation 

We have 2 diving boats that can operate around the whole Bunaken National Park 

In the resort we have a big restaurant and in a moment a big beach Bar will be ready 

We are preparing the whole infrastructure of the resort to be comfortable for the handicapped people, we learned how to work and Dive with handicapped groups in our diving center in Egypt, that’s why we decided to continue doing it in Indonesia   

That’s why we prepared a strong promotion for you, as for sure you would love to dive again 

Its enough that you buy 10 coupons and you will get another 10 numbers - granted win, Pay 900 euro and in exchange you get 9 vouchers for 100 euro and another 1 voucher for 600 euro to be used as 1 week stay in Bunaken with 12 dives ( food included ) , In total you will win Vouchers with value of 1500 euro which is 40% discount

In addition you will receive 9 coupons which will take part in drawing a prize of 2070 euro - 10 days stay in Bunaken resort for 2 people including diving and food 

If a diving Center or Tour leaders decided to buy 100 coupons , they will get 10 voucher 600 euros, 90 voucher 100 euros and 1 voucher 2070 euro- Total 17070 Euros - 47% Discount

History offer
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